Art of Philanthropy

Taste Art Gallery will officially launch the “Art of Philanthropy” series with the first event supporting the Khulula Foundation, September 27, 2014.

What is the “Art of Philanthropy” series? Every quarter TAG plans to collaborate with an organization to assist in raising awareness and offer financial support for an organization’s mission through a silent art auction.

Why host a Philanthropy series?

TAG co-owner Jamila Tolbert, is a passionate individual who believes you can raise awareness, generate support and inspire through art. Ms. Tolbert, who is a self-taught artist, began selling her works to friends and colleagues as a way to generate support and awareness for organizations in which she served as a volunteer. Jamila’s first silent art auction supported the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization where she was a volunteer (i.e. “Big”) at the time. With the support of TAG owner and Founder James Canty Jr., Jamila’s goal is to expand this platform and continue to bring awareness and support for other organizations.

What is the Khulula (ka-lu-lah) Foundation?

Excellent question!! The Khulula Foundation is a public charity and fiscally sponsored project of KIPP Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization . The foundation’s mission is to support the efforts of Kgololo Academy, a new university preparatory school, opening in one of the most disadvantaged communities in South Africa, the Alexandra Township.

Why is the Khulula Foundation the 1st event?

Not only is the mission of this organization very dear to the owners of TAG as it encourages, educates and support young people, but the Foundation has a very person connection as well. The founder of Khulula and Kgololo Academy, Waahida Tolbert-Mbatha is a former Washington D.C. Public and Charter school educator who happens to be the younger sister of TAG co-owner, Jamila Tolbert. From the child rearing in West Louisville, Kentucky, all three Tolbert siblings viewed education as a vehicle to transition from a low-income middle class environment where crime and very little access to upward mobility appeared to overshadow positive opportunities into creating a pathway to opportunities for future generations. Now as adults and each living in various parts of the globe, the Tolbert women remain focused on education as an incremental and fundamental key to successful lives.

How can my organization get featured?

The process is easy. Just contact Taste Art Gallery and provide a statement as to why your organization should be featured as part of the Art of Philanthropy series. All organizations must be 501c3 organizations that focus on either: education, supporting the visual and culinary arts, social justice, and health awareness.

Can I donate art and/or services for the auction?

Yes, just email Jamila Tolbert @ Jamila@tasteartgallery.com to schedule a time to drop off your artwork or confirm the services you wish to donate.

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